The entire CIE 2025 event will be centrally located in Vienna, a city renowned for its cultural heritage, historic architecture, and vibrant arts scene. Vienna's excellent public transportation system ensures that all event venues are easily accessible, allowing participants to move seamlessly between sessions, meetings, and social events.

Vienna's central location in Europe makes it a convenient hub for international travelers, with well-connected flight options and extensive rail links. The city's reputation for safety, cleanliness, and hospitality provides a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all visitors.


Further details on the specific locations of the conference venues will be announced later in 2024. Stay tuned for updates as arrangements are finalized to provide an optimal experience in Vienna.


Austria Center Vienna – Scientific conference

©, Ludwig Schedl

The scientific program of our conference will be held at the Austria Center Vienna, a modern convention center with environmental certification. The center features rooms and lobbies with abundant natural daylight, providing a bright and welcoming environment. There is ample space for poster presentations, exhibitors, and marketing opportunities for sponsors.

The Austria Center Vienna is centrally located in Vienna and easily accessible by subway. It is 6 stations from Stephansplatz (city center) and 9 stations from Hauptbahnhof (main train station). In addition to its central location, the venue is surrounded by several hotels, offering convenient accommodation options. The nearby Danube Island provides green spaces for jogging and relaxation. The venue is also part of the international UNO City Vienna area, adding to the dynamic atmosphere of the conference surroundings.