Ideas for excursions in Austria

Naturpark Föhrenberge (half day, 20 km)

Experience the Föhrenberge's natural charm beyond Vienna's confines – a perfect escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Spanning from Vienna's south to Mödling, this forested expanse presents a plethora of sights to discover. Prioritizing highlights like Kaltenleutgeben's springs or Liechtenstein Castle is advisable, given the vastness of the area.

A recommended excursion involves taking the 60 tram to Rodaun and a brief walk to Perchtoldsdorfer Heide. Here, amidst tall grass, reside charming Ziesel (ground squirrels), providing a delightful encounter with nature. For a longer adventure, follow the Parapluistrecke, a trail lined with umbrella pines, culminating at Josefswarte for stunning views of Vienna. Refuel at Kammersteinerhütte with local delicacies.

Schneeberg (full day, 90 km)

In Lower Austria, you'll find the easternmost and northernmost two-thousander in the Alps: the majestic Schneeberg. This historical landmark witnessed its first ascent by humans via cog railway in 1897, with even Emperor Franz Joseph making the journey in 1902. Today, the Schneebergbahn carries visitors to dizzying heights, offering unparalleled views and a sense of adventure.

However, on weekends and holidays, the Schneebergbahn tends to be extremely popular, resulting in crowded trains. It's highly advisable to secure your ticket in advance to ensure a seamless journey and avoid disappointment.

Baden bei Wien (full day, 35 km)

Did you know Beethoven composed his Ninth Symphony in Baden near Vienna? Likely drawn by its healing sulfur springs, Baden has been a hub of wellness since Roman times. Today, it vies for UNESCO World Heritage status with its historic spa culture.

The city, nestled by the Vienna Woods, boasts thermal facilities, hotels, and villas. Explore the Kurpark, home to the Summer Arena and the Casino, or ascend to the Beethoven Temple for panoramic views. The park seamlessly blends into the Vienna Woods, offering picturesque trails.

Admont (full day, 220 km)

Admont is famed for hosting the world's largest monastery library, a stunning chamber with around 70,000 books and ancient manuscripts. Pastel hues adorn the space, accompanied by Enlightenment-era sculptures and ceiling frescoes. Within the Benedictine Abbey, visitors can explore a Natural History Museum with preserved insects and a Art Museum showcasing treasures from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. Admission includes a guided tour for deeper insights.

Admont is a National Park Community near the Gesäuse region, offering hiking trails and climbing routes for all levels. A three-hour mountain hike leads to Admonter Haus, a refuge over 1,700 meters above sea level, serving homemade treats amidst breathtaking alpine views.

Hallstatt (full day, 300 km)

Hallstatt, nestled in the Salzkammergut, is one of Austria's most beautiful spots. With its backdrop of the Hallstätter See and towering mountains, this village of 800 residents is a magnet for visitors. It's no wonder it's one of Austria's most photographed places and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Despite its size, Hallstatt offers much to explore, from the historic marketplace to the colorful houses. The Bone House houses a collection of 600 painted skulls. Don't miss the Hallstatt Viewpoint for breathtaking photos. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking on the Dachstein-Krippenstein and visiting the 5-Fingers Skywalk and the Dachstein Ice Cave. The stunning Gosausee is also worth a visit.