Conference Organization

Organizing an event such as a CIE Quadrennial Session or Midterm Meeting requires the collective efforts of many dedicated individuals, and CIE 2025 is no exception. This section of the website will recognize the various groups working on different aspects of CIE 2025, highlighting their vital roles and contributions.

The International Scientific Committee (ISC) is responsible for coordinating and preparing the scientific content of the event. This committee ensures that the program is robust, relevant, and of the highest quality. The ISC is chaired by Tony Bergen, CIE VP Technical, whose leadership and expertise guide the committee's efforts.

Equally important are our hosts, represented by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). The LOC is tasked with managing the logistics, local arrangements, and overall coordination on the ground, ensuring that all attendees have a smooth and enriching experience. This committee is chaired by Diana Wernisch.